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Since its organization in 1961, Stephen Hovancsek & Associates, Inc. and the professionals it represents have been providing a wide range of engineering and surveying services to industry, government, and individuals. Our success as a firm is a result of the extraordinary expertise of our employees. Representing a wide variety of disciplines and experiences, our skilled professionals enable our firm to develop creative and cost effective solutions to both the simple and complex engineering problems of our clients. This development process is further enhanced by our willingness to work closely with our clients and to create efficient and effective partnerships. It is this combination of expertise and client-orientation that allows us to deliver practical solutions while giving our clients the personal attention that they need and deserve.


History and Practice


Stephen Hovancsek founded our firm in 1961 to provide both the public and private sectors with quality and cost effective engineering and surveying services. These services include but are not limited to storm and sanitary sewer design and rehabilitation, hydraulic studies, water supply improvement, road reconstruction, site development, minor structure improvements and municipal consulting. Throughout its history, Stephen Hovancsek and Associates has served terms as City Engineer for the Cities of Highland Heights, Richmond Heights and South Euclid, and the Villages of Mayfield, Orange, Highland Hills and Woodmere. We are fully confident in the integration of our Engineering, Surveying and Computer Departments to efficiently produce any project we contract. All employees follow a unified system of computer standards to provide the accurate translation of field survey information to design concepts and back to survey construction staking. Employees have been educated and experienced in all our departments so that the flow of information is more efficient and better understood.


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