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Stephen Hovancsek and Associates, Inc.

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Consulting services at the municipal level include survey, engineering design and construction supervision for a wide range of infrastructure improvements. Our versatility extends to the private sector with comprehensive site design of commercial, residential and industrial facilities. Professional engineers skilled in hydraulics design storm water improvements including drainage studies, storm water detention/retention facilities and storm sewer design. The skills of our employees constantly improve and our diversity in the civil engineering field continues to expand. Stephen Hovancsek & Associates works diligently to meet deadlines and maintain client satisfaction. Weekly job meetings are held internally to discuss the status of projects and allocate our employees appropriately. The entire staff of Stephen Hovancsek & Associates is made available, as necessary, to meet the needs of our clients. Our firm maintains a policy of scheduling a minimum of one staff professional and one computer technician in the office during all business hours to answer any questions. Our company gives careful consideration to the client’s time schedule when bidding a project to ensure that sufficient staff is available to complete the project on a timely basis. Upon acquisition, the survey crews coordinate with the Engineering and CAD Departments to ensure a complete understanding of the project scope. After gathering field information, the survey crews transfer the information into AutoCAD and turn it over to a registered surveyor in the office for review. AutoCAD technicians then detail drawings to convey the information to our clients in a clear and accurate plan. For design projects, the CAD department will then work further with the engineers to incorporate a comprehensive design.

Storm and Sanitary Sewer Design

Municipal Consulting

Water Supply Improvement

Road Reconstruction

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